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president obama hunts for cash in california and jokes about his underwhelming performance in the debate. >> everybody here is incredible professionals, great friends. they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. [ laughter ] >> snl agrees. >> excuse me, governor. mr. president -- >> i'm sorry. yeah? what's up? >> governor romney just said he killed osama bin laden. would you care to respond? >> no. you two go ahead. >> will joe biden have to prove he's tougher? >> we think he'll come at me like a can bonn ball. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell. mitt romney is trying to turn the momentum from his debate performance into a political tidal wave. stinging to swing state spots including today's foreign policy speech containing attacks on the president's record. during the daily fix, chris. this was mitt romney going after president obama saying he's leading from behind. i just got off a conference call the obama team put on with madeleine albright. he barely mentioned china and his mention of russia they say russia is not the greatest foreign policy c
. >> one quick question about gasoline, because we've seen in california, maybe that's a leading indicator, has to do with the peculiar mix of state regulations, environmental regulations on gasoline refining, but that bump up is that going to be something that affects people in the pocketbook and affects the way they feel if we're seeing a surge in gasoline prices? >> definitely. a rise in gasoline prices is like a tax increase. however, what we've seen in this jobs report people are not only getting jobs, they're getting wage increases again. short-term trend, just the last month, but if that keeps up, and that should be more than enough to deal with some of the pockets of pressure you get from things like gasoline prices. >> greg, thank you. it's great to always have you here on jobs day in particular. both campaigns, of course, are weighing in. we've seen the president and mitt romney today. joining me now to discuss today's report from the obama administration's perspective, roger altman, chairman of evercore partner, now a supporter of the obama campaign joining us from seattle. grea
care ras had died today at his california home at the age of 77. he suffered kidney failure in addition to cancer and dementia. he anchored the detroit lions 12 seasons and known in hollywood in his roles in "webster" and the movie "blazing saddles" and up next the state department's evolving timeline in benghazi. follow the wings. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> after nofour weeks of mixed messaging the state department came out with a different story about the night that happened september 11th. this is a detailed account of heavily armed mill shish las invading the compound. joining me is michael lighter nbc news terrorism expert. michael, what do you know from the -- from your -- excuse me -- from your sources about what happened that night? >> andrea, i think people
." the 77 ton shuttle is rolling through los angeles streets to reach its resting place at the california science center but it is not without controversy. workers had to take down light poles and power lines and most importantly nearly 400 trees for this 12-mile journey through the l.a. streets causing angry protests from residents along the route. >>> "endeavour" goes on public display october 30th. >>> and the european union won this year's nobel peace prize. in the same week that spain's credit was downgraded to junk bond status and the 27 member block is struggling to defend its vision and financial life. it won for its six-decade, quote, advancement of peace and reconciliation. >>> now to a story about an american embassy during a revolution in the middle east that is stormed by an angry mob. not benghazi. but iran. 1979. the hostage taking of american diplomats was the lead story on television, night and day for 444 days. the crisis helped make jimmy carter a one-term president. now, a rarely told true story of how six of those diplomats were rescued in a daring cia escape filmed b
to a place that is not a swing state. barack obama doing -- going to california briefly to film leno tonight but then will be in nevada. mitt romney in nevada. i mean, if you live in a swing state, don't be surprised if a presidential candidate shows up somewhere near you between now and november 6th. >> knocks on your door. goes to your diner. side ls up to you on some -- on some commute. okay. they're all out there. and that -- so are we. thanks so much, chris. that does it for us. today in philadelphia. tomorrow on the show, washington democratic senator patty murray. my colleague tamron hall has a look at what's next. hi, tamron. >> it's 13 days to go. romney camp trying to put out a fire over a candidate and the comments over rape. this time it is richard mourdoch out of indiana. governor romney says he won't take back an endorsement. we'll look at this one. plus, congressman paul ryan as andrea mentioned will be giving a big speech within the hour in cleveland. his fist major policy speech addressing the american dream and poverty. our panel will weigh in on the timing of this speech a
in california as well, it's all of these places where romney is now polling better, particularly in better shape than john mccain was. there has been no engagement so there's -- there has been a better opportunity for him there, andrea. i think that's what you're seeing here a little bit and i think the obama campaign realizes they have to respond. >> and what about the des moines register editorial, we say editorials don't make a lot of difference but iowa is where barack obama got his first lift by beating the field in those caucuses back in '08. it's got to sting some. >> absolutely. it's a symbolic sting. there was that bizarre kerfuffle between the president, the white house, the campaign and the editorial board. how much did that contribute to this? i think iowa is more important to romney's math than even ohio. that's why they're trying to grab on to this to show that it's evidence of momentum. >> chuck todd, thanks so much from the white house today. and joining me to discuss the final week of campaigning, less than a week and the political impacts of sandy from the democrats' perspectiv
's understandable. i lived on the ocean in california and there's nothing quite like it. but now because of climate change and let's be clear about this, we have climate change under way, global warming, that's another question that we should be addressing as well, a vast majority of the meteorologists and scientists in the country and in the world who study these kinds of events, have concluded that there is global warming and obviously we do have climate change. so we have to plan for the future based on these realities, andrea, and this is a huge wake-up call. >> it's a huge wake-up call as an october surprise if you will in the middle of the campaign where these issues have not been discussed. >> yeah. and i don't know what the effect of all that is going to be. quite honestly the states that were most affected were most of the attention is being in focus is connecticut, new york, and new jersey. those are states that were safely in the president's column. how -- what the ripp effect is out to ohio and colorado, down to virginia which did take a hammering as well, it's very hard to know at this
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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